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    Event Type:


    Number of guests including children over 4 yo.

    (Pre-Fixe $21 per Guest (Minimum of 15 guests in total)

    Star Time:

    a.m or p.m:

    Earliest start time is 9:00am; Chefs arrive one hour before event, and there will be two hours of service.

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    Zip Code:

    Where will the Chef(s) set up the crêpe station (inside or outside)?

    If The crêpe station is not at the first level, is there an elevator?

    Are you a Tax-exempt organization or individual?


    Are there more than 30 people invited?


    Breakfast crêpe $12.oo, includes hot coffee, or orange juice and fruit cup.


    Pre-select only 1 entree from Savory Crêpes menu when guests are less than 30 people.

    Pre-select 2 entrees from Savory Crêpes menu when guests are more than 30 people.



    Panne Cook $15.


    Pre-select only 1 sweet crêpe from sweet crêpes menu when guests are less than 30 people.

    Pre-select 2 sweet crêpes from the sweet Crêpes menu when guests are more than 30 people.

    Catering only provides Cafetto signature crepe batter unless otherwise checked below.

    Vegan: Gluten free batter (additional cost):


    The Coffee Service.

    Hot Coffee: $3 per Guest. Includes Regular Colombian Roast Coffees, half & half and 2% milk, granulated and raw sugars, Splenda, stirrers and to go cups.

    Cold coffee drinks: Iced Coffee and Cold Brew. $5 per guest.


    The space necessary for the set up and serving will be for two tables of 6 feet.

    Our catering service lasts for two and a half hours (from setup to cleanup).

    Guests can have the option of customizing orders with the ingredients provided per the preset menu.

    We provide Plates, Forks, knives, and napkins.

    We use the credit card number submitted to process the transaction the day of the event; we bring a signature slip with us to be signed at the end of service.

    Minimum 15 guests. Each guest will be entitled to 1 savory & 1 sweet crêpe from the host’s curated menu. Ingredients brought based on host selection (i.e., 1/2 for each crêpe selected) and guest count. At 25% non-refundable deposit required to schedule catering event.

    One chef is required for every 30 guests at $80, setup fee of minimum $30, subject to change depending on party size. Travel fees may apply depending on event location. Credit card required for deposit to reserve event & balance pre-paid before the event on one credit card; accept all major credit cards. Confirmations and cancellations are made via email.

    We ask that you place us in an area with as many available electrical outlets as possible, we have extension cords for more access. Our griddles electrical usage comes to 15 amps per griddle.

    To request our services, fill out the catering form and send it to us by e-mail.

    We will be communicating with you.

    Do you agree with our Terms Service?