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Crepes and Coffee


One of the family’s favorite plans was always to prepare crêpes. At home we prepared them for breakfast, or for an afternoon bite, creating and testing authentic recipes of our own invention, inspired by the French style.
It was then in 2021 that we began offering at farmers markets around the city, where we had great recognition by those who let themselves being provoked by the aroma and good taste of our product, accompanied by a smooth cup of Colombian coffee. It was in the summer of 2022 when we had the concept of creating the crêpes and coffee catering service for all kinds of social, family or business events; offering in each meeting or celebration a live demonstration of art, skill and good taste transformed into a delicious and sophisticated crêpe. We have a very special menu that is not offered anywhere else. Our team is made up of our beautiful family: husband, wife, and son, each with specific functions, offering in a friendly, courteous, and diligent way the best catering service in each celebration.
Thus, today we continue with the same enthusiasm and the best disposition to provide our service; Each ingredient with which each crêpe is made, also carries the passion for what we do.